It’s time to hail the ‘Diversity Man of India’ H L Dusadh Dusadh on the 12th anniversary of Bahujan Diversity Mission


It’s time to hail the ‘Diversity Man of India’ H L Dusadh Dusadh on the 12th anniversary of Bahujan Diversity Mission .

In its over a decade journey, iconoclastic author has given a magnificent dimension to social justice discourse.

In fact, his prolific writing of over five dozens book has successfully pitchforked the diversity agenda in the imagination of public as well as power-that-be.

How can you govern a country which has more than dozen religions and thousands of languages and dialect? How can you build the bridge of special opportunities for the downtrodden section of the society, chiefly socially discriminated castes in OBC and SC-ST category?

How can you bring social and economic equality and empowerment of the lowered castes in the pyramid?

How can you neutralise the terrible tyranny of social hegemonic and colonial Swarana castes?

It’s never too late to give up your prejudices. Priesthood dependent on the prejudices of touchable and untouchable can’t be allowed to become the fashion of times in Ambedkar’s Constitutional democracy.

This is where Dusadh’s 21-Point charter of diversity, the preamble of Bhopal Declaration, 2002, comes out with the strength. The strength lies in differences, not in similarities.

Dusadh’s crusade had been about making caste-ridden Indian society safe for Diversity. The plague of brahmanism, over the years, has robbed the Shudras of their due representation in key sources of power, preferably trade, bureaucracy, Broadcasting, judiciary and academia. It has judged the brute majority of farmers and labourers, cobbler and washerman, scavenger and cattlemen by the caste.

Dusadh’s literature contests the theory of ‘Divide and Conquer.’ His passionate war-cry demands unity, faith and discipline from the subaltern people.

Malcolm Forbes said Diversity is the art of thinking independently together. Dusadh’s theory of diversity can actually make ‘Indian Dream’ possible on the line of the American Dream. The Bill of Rights in America has nourished and strengthened the power of ethnic Latino and black Africans.

American workforce and its entire economy are stronger by embracing diversity to its fullest as it opens door of opportunities to everyone. It exclude no one.

Realisation of Mandal Commission recommendations can light up the dark homes of deprived communities.

After the demise of renowned fiction writer and Hans Katha Masik editor Rajendra Yadav, there are few public intellectuals in India’s hinterland who command mass adulation and readership loyalty. Dusadh could be classified as one of them who have broken new grounds for the students of sociology and politics.

Like Voltaire and Rousseau, Sartre and Derrida, Dusadh has become the voice of a great constituency of aspiring population. Embracing his ideas for enlightenment could be the best thing to anyone anywhere. The classical tradition of socialist reformation which began with Buddha in the ancient times and which weighed in with sparkling literature and sermons of Kabir, Phule, Lalai Singh Yadav and Periyar and Ambedkar and Mandal and Lohia, has a bearer in Dusadh.

More power to the revolutionary writer.

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