An Open Letter by a Helpless Indian, Darshan Mondkar over a Rajasthan Dalit hacking and burning a poor Muslim labourer


My Dear Indian Brothers and Sisters,

A Muslim man is pulled out of his house and lynched to death just because he had a piece of meat in his fridge.

A Muslim youth is killed just because his appearance created a hate inside the hearts of the murderer.

A Muslim man is now axed and burnt to death, the episode recorded and uploaded on Social Media.

And this is just one of the umpteen number of incidences which have happened in the past three and a half years, in the most brazen fashion ever.

And yet, the Muslim community of India, has shown a tremendous patience and maturity in reacting to such situations.

You guys are the ones who are responsible for maintaining the peace and tranquility in India, at the moment.

I absolutely applaud the stoic resolve of my Muslim Brethren who have consistently resisted repeated attacks on their faith, on their eating habits, on their dress codes, on their appearances, on their names……day in day out, without getting inflamed by such acts.

We all know that this is being deliberately to get a rise out of the Muslims. One move and all hell will break lose.

One reaction and there will be blood on the streets of India.

Thats the plan and thats what they are waiting for.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for keeping your sanity intact.

I apologize to all of you that there is nothing much that I can do about this.

Like most of the other Indians, I am just another helpless guy, who can just stand and stare at whats happening around me, in my beautiful country, whose social fabric is being ripped apart as the idea of India gets raped everyday.

I am sorry that we have come to such a situation, where the Government has done absolutely nothing in curtailing these atrocities and infact their eternal silence on these issues is only encouraging the Hatemongers to run around with swords in their hands chanting “Jai Shri Ram” as if Lord Ram would have wanted this to happen.

Somewhere, somehow, I am complicit in the creation of this New India, either by keeping quiet or by turning a blind eye to the events which led to this situation.

Somewhere, somehow, I am personally responsible for this situation too.

But I can only hang my head in shame and apologize to all of you for what is happening, on a personal basis, because this is not a collective that I can be a part of.

I can only hope that the Muslims keep their belief in their faith intact and not fall prey to this nefarious plan which has emerged from one of the most devious minds ever.

My sincere love, apologies and salutes are the only things I can offer to you.

A Helpless Indian

Disclaimer: I was going to start this post by addressing it to the “Indian Muslims” but after what has happened in the past three years there is not an iota of doubt that they are more Indians than any of us and there cannot be a better proof of patriotism that they can give to anyone, not that they ever needed to.

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