Confident Akhilesh Versus Nervous Yogi


The Urban local body elections in 653 local bodies are turning out to be nightmare for the ruling BJP government in Uttar Pradesh. Nervous about humiliation and abject defeat in its traditional bastion, the party has fielded Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in the civic poll campaign.

On the other hand, former Chief Minister and national president of Asia’s largest socialist party, Akhilesh Yadav is feeling quite satisfied with the undercurrents against the BJP candidates. Small surprise, the charismatic socialist leader has decided to give ample chance to second and third rung leaders in the party to deliver desirable results.

Afraid of losing local bodies, saffron robed Monk chief minister Yogi Adityanath has begun to sing like canary the Hindutva tune. In times of terrible crisis, Hindutva becomes war cry for the right-wing party, as people have become deeply aware of its pseudo development and fake nationalism agenda.

Ayodhya-Faizabad mayoral elections itself could turn the table on the BJP game plan as Samajwadi Party’s transgender candidate Gulshan Bindu had been a formidable contestant, puncturing the empty talks of the BJP.

Meanwhile, in a smart move, youth Icon Akhilesh issued a written appeal for voters, seeking support for the party contestants. He urged electorates to choose between SP’s Development and Peaceful prosperity agenda and BJP’s anti-development and divisive agenda.

Terming the Urban local bodies Polls quite significant, former Chief Minister appealed to the people to decide whether they want to carry forward the ‘development’ initiated by his party during its reign or promote the ‘anti-development’ policy of the BJP.


Akhilesh took a jibe at the Manifesto of the BJP and called it, Deception Document–Chhal Patra.

“They have released deceit document to befool the people again. The BJP goes on spreading hatred in the state instead of initiating any development works. The civic polls are crucial as they will give an indication towards the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. You, voters, have to decide whether you accept the development initiated by the SP or you want to promote the anti-development policies of the BJP. SP fulfilled all of its promises during the rule.”

Further lambasting the BJP government, national president Akhilesh said, “Law and order in Uttar Pradesh has collapsed. Criminals have no fear of law. Loot, kidnapping and murder is on the rise and women are unsafe. Hundreds of children died in Gorakhpur under the present regime.”

“Yogi Adityanath government had been carrying out political vendetta by stopping the welfare schemes launched by Socialist government. They are also befooling farmers in the name of crop-loan waiver as the entire loan amount had not been waived off as promised.”

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Frank Huzur is a poet, playwright, biographer and editor of Socialist Factor. He has written political biography of Imran Khan, Imran Versus Imran-The Untold Story and The Fighter. He has also written political biography of socialist patriarch and former defence minister of India, Mulayam SIngh Yadav, The Book is titled, The Socialist. Frank Huzur has written biography of youth icon charismatic socialist leader and former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav. Frank has also published his memoir, titled, Soho-Journey from Body to Soul and three plays, including the much controversially popular, Hitler in Love with Madonna. He is currently working on his poetry anthology and first novel, The Boca Harem. He is editor of international English magazine, Socialist Factor and its fortnightly Hindi edition.