Imran Khan graces the October cover of Socialist Factor


Here I’m holding the October issue of Socialist factor featuring Imran Khan, the legendary cricketer-turned politician for the betterment​ of the society and to fight against audacious powers spreading corruption in the land.

Socialist factor has nicely covered the topics and introduced a new ray of hope to Pakistan. Interestingly, Imran Khan’s first political biographer and Editor of Socialist factor, Frank Huzur, has given a cogent argument about the dexterity of Imran Khan.

Frank Huzur, Imran Khan’s first political biographer and a great writer, knows well about the equivocal and ambigous statements given by the politicians, yet he found Imran Khan a flag-bearer of truth and a good choice to serve and govern the people of Pakistan.

His biography is not just a book which describes the works of Imran Khan, but a Bible enlightening the generation and making them aware about the freedom which is not free. You have to strive and struggle for your own freedom and He, Imran Khan, is there to help you.

Following the biography, an energetic approach showed up among commoners of the nation, but a disparagement among demagogues.