Akhilesh Yadav’s Socialist Digital Force preapre for social media war


Samajwadi Digital Force is the new digital push of Tech-Socialist and former UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav for more digital empowerment of socialist workers and active volunteers. In the fast and furious lane of virtual world and digital news-and-views stands, smart and enlightened leader in Akhilesh is deeply aware of the mind-changing war over Twitter and Facebook.

He knows well that India tomorrow might have Twitter and Facebook elections like the American democratic whirlpool. As a consequence, the youth icon charismatic socialist leader is ready to march ahead of his rivals again. Tipu is ready for Twitter war. He is ready for social media storm with a more disciplined and fighting unit of soldiers.

To be fair, Akhilesh Yadav recognized the Power of Digital Media, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp ahead of any other Indian politicians. His campaign picked up momentum in 2008-2009 and reached out to youngsters all over Uttar Pradesh and elsewhere in the country and certainly gathered a great amount of support.

Akhilesh’s approach to social media was, by all accounts, a very honest mode of two-way communication with strangers of all shapes and sizes, age and category.

There has been a tech-savvy mind in him with enthusiasm for the innovative use of digital media. He was eager to make it integral part of his campaign.

There was human value in Akhilesh’s connectivity whereas his rivals, chiefly BJP and its premier mascot pedaled lies after lies out of its falsehood factory to manipulate the public opinions.

In 2012, Akhilesh’s triumph was partly attributed to his digital democratic push amongst youth. Alarmed by the astonishing success of Akhilesh’s digital democratization of youngsters, Narendra Modi’s BJP invested heavy resources to bamboozle the vulnerable minds of the youth.

Around 65 per cent electorates in the forthcoming polls, including 2019 Lok Sabha are expected to be in the age bracket of 18-35. Their digital empowerment is central to courting their attention.

And Akhilesh understands the gravity of this segment. Excited by the enormity of challenges ahead, former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is giving big push to the creation of a massive digital force, Samajwadi Digital Force.

Here is the link for joining the digital force as volunteers of the Asia’s largest socialist party.


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