“Netaji’ (Mulayam Singh) is my father and his blessings will always be with me.” Akhilesh Yadav, youth icon socialist leader


Re-elected national president of Samajwadi Party, Asia’s largest Socialist Party, at the 8th State Convention this afternoon in heartland capital Lucknow, young Turk Akhilesh Yadav in a emphatic speech gave a clarion call to legion of his followers to realise the value of responsibility enthrusted upon them and save the country from the growing menace of the BJP-RSS juggernaut.

8th state Convention of Asia’s largest socialist party, Samajwadi Party at the sprawling green arena, Ramabai Ambedkar ground, in Lucknow, elected national president and charismatic socialist leader and visionary former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav for the next five years.

Quite a magnificent venue pulsating with giant sculptures of Babashaeb Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar and Ramabai this morning witnessed a great gathering of socialist workers and stalwarts in red cap.

Bugle for crucial 2019 Lok Sabha polls has been sounded in full force of enthusiasm and conviction under the leadership of Akhilesh.

Meanwhile, Naresh Uttam Patel gets another term as state president of the Samajwadi Party.

Of all the speakers, Ramgopal Yadav spoke quite well, thereby, forewarning workers of the growing menace of right wing BJP RSS.

Ramashray Vishwakarma, Řàm Sundar Nishad and Indrajeet Saroj dwelled on the significance & seriousness of strengthening different pillars of social justice movement.

Action Man Akhilesh roared, “Beware of the clever people who have grabbed power in the din of false promises and have destroyed the lifeline of society. Youth, Farmer, women, traders, minorities..all of them are in terrible state, for want of peace and security, joblessness and economic meltdown.”

Former Chief Minister sounded many words of caution to the large gathering of workers, old and young alike, when he said, “You have to express the power of your vote in coming elections.

If the results of the elections would be in the party’s favour, it will give a message not only for 2019 Lok Sabha polls, but also for 2022 assembly elections.”

“Beware of ‘banawti Samajwadis (Pseudo-socialist). They have tried to stop the march of the socialist movement many times. Even when they succeeded in one conspiracy as a result of which we could not form government again in the state, but they will not succeed all the time. We are more alert and aware of their sinister design now.”

Recollecting his emotional association with socialist patriarch and father Mulayam Singh, young leader reflected like a worthy son of the sire.

He affirmed,”I want to say that ‘Netaji’ (Mulayam) is my father and his blessings will always be with me. We will take forward this ‘Andolan’ (movement) to towering heights of glory and pride.”

Among the major breakthrough moments of the convention, what stood out like lamp in the foggy dark night was powerful speeches of Indrajeet Saroj, Ramashray Vishwakarma and Ram Sundar Das Nishad. All three of these veteran grassroot socialist leaders blasted the Narendra Modi’s government for fiddling with the social justice agenda, chiefly dilution of the Mandal Commission recommendations.

Whereas newly elected State President Naresh Uttam Patel buoyed with the fresh charge also underlined the cause of affirmative action in his speech. However, the important document dealing with political and economic resolution, maintains studied silence on different layers of Social Justice and proportiional representation of each caste in both public and private sectors.

In the concluding address, veteran leader and parliamentarian Prof Ram Gopal Yadav was quite up-front in sending a strong warning to undisciplined workers, especially the very band in centre of raising sky-renting slogans during the course of leaders’ speeches.

Ram Gopal raised the temperature when he said by slogan-shouting socialist workers can’t fight the cunning agenda of the RSS. He further cautioned party workers that if in 2019, the Narendra Modi government returns to power at the Centre, there may not be any elections in the future.

“The country is heading towards one party system. To deal with them (BJP) you have to fight them cleverly and intelligently. The present CM Yogi Adityanath has never seen anything beyond Gorakhpur,” SP General Secretary and leader in Rajya Sabha Ram Gopal said.

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