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Monday, February 19, 2018

Lucknow Metro is Emotional Capital of Akhilesh Yadav like Agra-Lucknow e-Way


(It’s triumph of Socialist vision over capital-crazy communal and hate-mongering politics in India.)

It’s turn of Lucknow boys to feel like the Man when they ride the Metro and embark on ‘Life-In-a-Metro’ voyage. Both boys and girls are excited to love their life in the Metro.

When you ride the tube, you are seen more as an urbane guy and gal. London, Paris, Moscow, New York, Madrid, New Delhi, Bombay and now Lucknow….all these pulsating cities have joined the Metro-club.

And if you gonna give credit to someone special for the ‘thrill & spill’ of Metro Ride in the ‘City of Nawabs’ you have to conjure up the image of Akhilesh Yadav. Of course, when Shreedharan is the Metro Man of India, young socialist star Akhilesh is the Action Man of India. In less than 24 months, the ever-smiling assassin of Indian politics has pulled off two jumbo infrastructure feats, first Agra-Lucknow Expressway and now rapid transit system-Lucknow Metro.

In politics, you don’t expect miracles. Especially in Indian society, miracles are sleight of hand reserved only for bushy-bearded seers and sages. However, Metro Map of heartland could only be categorized as miracle for its execution in record time like a military precision project.

Akhilesh being a politician with flair for military discipline and training of his school days has translated his vision into reality to utter dismay and delight of both critics and connoisseurs.

Akhilesh is one of the few leads in country who can be classified in the truest sense as a globe-trotter. He values the beauty of rapid transit system of the Western capitals like London, Paris and New York.

Needless to say, he attaches significant amount of emotional importance to the economics and enthusiasm of taking the Metro in hustle bustle of city’s life. The socialist star has brought dreams of shining parlours of the western world to the exotic corners of the eastern India’s heartland.

Rapid transit first began in London, British capital, with the opening in 1863 of the Metropolitan Railway, which is now part of the London Underground.

The first urban underground railway was the Metropolitan Railway, which began operations on 10 January 1863. It was built largely in shallow cut and cover tunnels.

It was worked by steam trains, and despite the creation of numerous vents, was unhealthy and uncomfortable for passengers and operating staff.

Imagine the magnitude of British invention! The Brits pulled off a ‘Metro Miracle’ 150 years ago when more than three-fourths of the world was their vassals (slavish colonies).

Tokyo was the first city of Asia to have Metro line. Tokyo in 1927 and Osaka in 1933 while China’s Metro systems began the thrilling journey in 1969 with Beijing Metro!

In 1979, Hong Kong’s subway line began operations. It currently has nine lines, including four that run underneath Victorial Harbour.

India’s oldest metro is in the city of Joy, Kolkata, erstwhile British India capital Calcutta. It is followed by the elevated rapid transit system Chennai MRTS. National capital, New Delhi, commercial hub and tinsel town Mumbai built metros after that.

In December 2016, Lucknow became only the third city of India after Kolkata and New Delhi to flaunt elevated rapid transit system, Metro Rail. And this was possible due to actionable brilliance, vision and passion of socialist star of India’s heartland and then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav.

It’s a huge milestone in the debut tenure of charismatic socialist leader who is popular as ‘Digital CM’ for his tech-socialism.

Following in the footsteps and success story of socialist Akhilesh, several other Indian provinces are hoping to give their commuters Metro ride, including Nagpur (home of the BJP’s parents).

Akhilesh studied environmental engineering at the Sydney University in Australia. While most Australian capital cities have commuter rail rapid-transit services, Sydney is still behind. Sydney will be the first city of Australia to have rapid transit Metro network in 2019. Quite interesting to note that former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh beats his Alma Mater city in bringing Metro Rail to his home province capital, Lucknow.

Artworks define the aesthetics of Metro railways across the western Europe. London Underground has its own inimitable charming influence on the eyes and minds of commuters. It’s irresistible.

However, Moscow can give a great run for money to London and Paris. The Moscow Metro is one of the most elaborately decorated undergrounds in the world, with its stations, esecially built in the Joseph Stalin epoch, often being called Underground Palaces. Moscow was the first metro to open in 1935 across the erstwhile Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.

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