Donald Trump and Facebook pose the greatest threat to humanity, claims a survey of 50 Nobel Prize winners

Is Trump the Evil Bigot?

       Will it be possible for humans to survive the apocalypse? It’s debatable worldwide today in the face of rising threats of nuclear war and climate change catastrophe. Tensions between nuclear-armed North Korea and United States, India and Pakistan and Israel and several Middle East countries in a constant state of over-heated turmoil, some of the smartest minds of the Earth have begun to worry about the future of planet. Many have argued in a survey that nuclear ear cold bring about doomsday.

Some laureates worry that warmongering dictators and populist rulers in guise of democracy like Donald Trump or Narendra Modi could trigger gravest risk to mankind, Artificial intelligence is another apocalyptic risk alongside megalomania of power elites, selfishness, inequality and terrorism.

The Brainiacs also revealed in the unique survey that Facebook and drug also pose huge risk to the future of human beings.

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