“Boys will be boys and girls should just accept it.” Can Imran Khan (official)breaks the patriarchal stereotype and emerge an icon of Gender Justice in the wake of Ayesha Gulalai’s ‘immoral texting’ allegations?

Imran Khan is not an ordinary man. Being an iconic political figure, particularly one who persistently pushed for accountability in the Panama case, he owes it to the Pakistani public to absolve himself of any alleged crimes.

And if he is guilty of sending unsolicited sexually-driven text message to his party’s Member of National Assembly (Parliament in Pakistan), he should come clean all guns of ethics blazing. Mr Khan must be held accountable as per his own political and moral standards. Is it right, Khan saheb?

The burden of proof rests on you, Captain, just as much as it does on South Waziristan lawmaker Gulalai. And you owe it more after serving her a legal notice.

So far, Imran Khan has practised Meta-Ethics in the face of flying shards of slandering. He has cautioned his party members against public harassment of Ayesha. The PTI chairman has spoken in measured tone with a degree of respect for the womanhood. In fact, he is deeply concerned about the gender-based violence, whether it is part of his own party or his opponents, PML-N or for that matter PPP.

Shehzad Ghias is a Fullbright scholar and pursuing his Masters in Theatre in the United States. He is making a point about the patriarchal perversion when he throws the ball in the court of Imran.

“When a woman chooses to challenge them, she is slut-shamed: the harassment is seen as her fault; pointless questions are asked about what was she wearing, where she was and what she doing there to begin with.”

How dare a woman tread into a male-dominated space. Does a deer not know the land where lions roam free?

Also noteworthy is a slander campaign against brilliant woman squash player sister of Ayesha, Maria Toorpakay. A long line of Perverted minds mocked her for wearing short skirts, which is very much part of her sports costume.

However, Imran and his supporters have a point in raising the question over the timing of Ayesha’s revelation. Why she didn’t speak four years ago about the alleged obscenities. Isn’t she appear vulnerable mind who has opened the door of her mind for exploitation by Imran’s political foes?

I also wonder she had been pushed into the ring of gender politics by Nawaz Sharif and his party to extract a pound of flesh from ‘Mr Accountability’ Imran Khan. House of Sharif, for sure, can’t claim immunity on the charges of immorality, adultery or characterless allegation.

In 2008, American female journalist Kim BarkerChicago Tribune then and now The New York Times ripped off Sharif’s sexual overtures in her book, The Taliban Schuffle, which had been adapted into motion picture, Whiskey, Tango and Foxtrot. What the Fuck!

As a man, I am conscious that I am a benefactor of male privilege, hence I need to ensure that I don’t unconsciously perpetuate the same power structures that I oppose, something Imran Khan should be more conscious of as well.
When a woman seeks to redefine her ‘prescribed’ role, it is an act of remarkable courage — it is time to listen to these women, not shame them.

Imran Khan, nevertheles, deserves much credit for encouraging participation of a large number of women in politics of Pakistan, Islamic Republic notorious for ‘Unequal Spaces’ vis-a-vis gender balance is concerned. Ayesha Gulalai Wazir is the first female Member of Parliament from FATA, conflict zone of Pakistan and hotbed of Tehreek-e-Taliban.

An honour of women ought to be protected in political society to which Imran Khan has committed in a considerable measure ever since he took the plunge in April 1996. Being a playboy politician is not a bad moral or ethics. However, being a pervert is a terrible proposition. Whether Raiwind or Bani Gala, philosophy of morality should prevail for bringing sanity to the sea of gender jihad in Pakistan’s politics.

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Frank Huzur is a poet, playwright, biographer and editor of Socialist Factor. He has written political biography of Imran Khan, Imran Versus Imran-The Untold Story and The Fighter. He has also written political biography of socialist patriarch and former defence minister of India, Mulayam SIngh Yadav, The Book is titled, The Socialist. Frank Huzur has written biography of youth icon charismatic socialist leader and former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav. Frank has also published his memoir, titled, Soho-Journey from Body to Soul and three plays, including the much controversially popular, Hitler in Love with Madonna. He is currently working on his poetry anthology and first novel, The Boca Harem. He is editor of international English magazine, Socialist Factor and its fortnightly Hindi edition.